Discover the Power of Spiritual Healing in Augusta, ME

Learn how to let go of your physical or emotional pain

It's hard to let go of old wounds. Pain from a physical injury or an emotional trauma can linger for years unless we learn to release that negative energy. Spiritual healing is possible when we realize that we can't overcome this challenge on our own.

When you're looking for a spiritual healer in Augusta, ME, turn to Intuitive Healing Heart. You'll work with a divine touch healing facilitator who practices energy healing. This involves...

Reaching deep within yourself to discover the source of your negative energy
Recognizing that your negative experiences are holding you back
Releasing the pain behind those negative experiences

This process can be uncomfortable, but it will help you come to a place where spiritual healing is possible.

Learn more about energy healing by contacting Intuitive Healing Heart now.

Let's meet at your convenience

I'm Kristy James, the divine touch healing facilitator at Intuitive Healing Heart. I'll be your guide as you learn to identify and release negative energy. We can meet...


Don't let your busy schedule prevent you from finding spiritual healing.


We can meet at my Augusta, ME office, if you're comfortable. If that's inconvenient for you, we can meet at your home, speak over Skype or chat on the phone.

For any period of time:

Choose from 30-, 60- and 90-minute sessions.